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Would    You    Reconsider?
...the guiding principle of WYR Creative. Reconsider your approach to advertising and promotion, get out of the rut, make a splash, rock the boat...try something new! I have nearly 30 years experience in television production and performance theatre. I specialize in quality, small market commercials/promotions and have a reputation for professional integrity and being Client friendly. In September 2007, I left my position as Commercial Producer at KOTV/CW 12 in Tulsa to launch my own production company. First, a little information:
I shoot with a Panasonic AG-HVX200 using both P2 Memory Cards and Mini-DV tape delivering broadcast quality field video in SD or HD.
Editing will be on the latest, greatest MacPro with Quad-core 3 GHZ processors …yep, FAST…utilizing Final Cut Studio 2, Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.
And, of course, I have the associated equipment to accommodate interior and exterior shoots and remote or handheld audio.

I can be contacted
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Below are a few representative examples of my recent work:

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