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   I was with KSPR - TV 33, Springfield, Missouri from August 1989 to April 1990 as an anchor for the morning news show "Good Morning Ozarks" (GMO) and a dayside reporter. I also substituted as a Weekday 5 & 10pm and Weekend 10pm News Anchor. For the first six months of my time there I was also Continuity & Promotions Director for KKHT/KWTO-Radio, in Springfield. Needless to say, my days were full beginning at 3am at KSPR TV and ending anywhere from 6 to 8pm at KKHT/KWTO-Radio.
   Looking back it seemed like a very short 8 months as the fun & games during the GMO show were some of the best times I've experienced in TV. The GMO format was new at that time...a sort of Good Morning America (ABC) clone for local broadcast stations. Tapes of my shows were being sent across the country to help other locals set up their own morning shows ( in Tulsa...Good Morning Oklahoma, Joplin...Good Morning 4 States, etc.). The best part of the format was that they gave me the first minute and a half to two minutes to do anything I wanted to do as an open/warmup for the show. It was like doing a standup for the attention span and loose using local events/notables for material. I owe a lot of my success for that opening to my working relationship and friendship with JJ McKay, a DJ and Program Director for KKHT Radio. My sidekick and GMO Producer, Rick Carter was responsible for the reliable and newsworthy production of the show. Our working relationship was very comfortable and relaxed. He was a good sport and suffered the brunt of some of my humor as a perfect straightman (including the time we drew graffiti on his smiling image during an on-air interview with him while he was vacationing at a ski resort.)

   Several of the people I worked with at KSPR TV have gone on to do bigger and better things. But the guy who seems to have topped them all was our weekend sports anchor.Mark SteinesMark Steines, Entertainment Tonight Yes I worked with Mark Steines.
(Click on image at right to read his bio) You now know him as the Emmy Award winning feature reporter and primary substitute anchor for the nationally syndicated show "Entertainment Tonight". He is now married to former Miss Florida and Miss America 1993, Leanza Cornett. Not bad Mark...not bad at all. My wife and I both worked at KSPR TV at the time and she was as breathtaken and infatuated with him then as she is now. Hard to hold it against him though. Jealous as I may be, he was a genuinely nice guy then as I'm sure he still is now, off-camera and on.

   Below are just a few on-air shots of me and soundbites from a few of the shows. Enjoy!

   For your best listening pleasure, left click on .wav file link and select "Open this file from its current location". Download to a temp file will be appx. 4 - 8 seconds. The .wav file will then be played in your default media player. or    Right click on .wav file link and select "Save As". Save the file on your hard drive and then double click the file.
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   Of course, one of my main functions as the GMO anchor was to present "hard" news items like this little goodie:
Audio Audio
Sniffy the Mouse
sniffy.wav (175 KB - :59)

   And I did a little sports reporting now and then.

Audio Audio
sports.wav (75 KB - :25)
   Alas, nothing lasts forever, and it came time to announce that I had been promoted to Operations Manager at sister station KCPM - TV 24 (now KNVN TV) in Chico, CA.
Audio Audio Moving on - announceleaving.wav (153 KB - :52)

And what do you do when you move? You have a garage sale! And what I couldn't sell at my garage sale, I attempted to dump on my GMO viewers.

Audio Audio

Garage Sale Items
(265 KB - 1:30)

   And the last item up for bids?
Audio Audio
Last Item
garagesale3.wav (58 KB - :19)
   My last show at KSPR TV began with my colleagues showing me the respect and gratitude I could expect for my fine work and professionalism.
Audio Audio
Announcing Last Show
lastshow1.wav (107 KB - :36)
   Naturally, things went downhill from there.
Audio Audio
Things get loose
lastshow2.wav (34 KB - :11)

   Wayyyyy downhill.

Audio Audio
Don't knock the hat
lastshow3.wav (88 KB - :29)
   Eventually we all got very emotional and were expressing our innermost feelings.
Audio Audio
Touchy Feely Time
lastshow4.wav (86 KB - :28)

   Then it was finally time to say goodbye.

Audio Audio
Goodbye, So Long, Farewell
lastshow5.wav (87 KB - :29)

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